Emergency Poppies

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E messaged me last night and asked if I could help crank out some last minute poppies. J had asked for some for the Cubs to use… tonight. So like, I think it was 25 he needed. By tonight. That… that’s not going to happen, ha ha. I’m still trying to make a few before we got out tonight… though if I’m honestly, four is probably going to be the limit. I told her to hand him the needles and tell him to get to work; he claims that he can knit, though I’ll believe it when I see it. Whatever the case, he underestimates how long it takes to actually make a thing, much like most non-crafters. ¬¬

My co-worker I mentioned yesterday had been hitting the work harrrd before his long weekend, because I certainly didn’t expect to find the year end processes sorted. The tl;dr on that is that means I can work past the 30th of September, which yanno, useful. There were approximately 50 million invoices to get through first, but that was fine; it all contributes towards me getting caught up for those like, two days a month.

Right, back to trying to get a poppy or two done before going out.


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