That One Spot

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I’d gone upstairs to go to bed last night, when I found Batman curled up like this. On like, the two inches of sheet that was exposed at the side of the bed. Cat, you do not belong on the sheet. Still, I was amused enough to snap this picture, then run down to show Z before getting myself tucked in. Cats eh? Fuckers.

I have been in Fri-yay mode all day, which is amusing ’cause yanno, working hard, etc. I guess that because I’m still feeling some degree of above average ill, the concept of being able to do ALL THE REST and none of the movement… well. That, and it’s the weekend before I have the girls at home for a week and a half for half term, which bites into my quiet time. I’m looking forward to having them hanging out with me again, and yeah… easier to look forward to it when it’s a week and a half rather than six weeks. We’ll see how it goes.

For now, gonna go zone out, game, and knit — as it should be.


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