Butt Testing, Redux

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We went down to the retail park today to sit on more sofas. We didn’t find ‘the one’, but we got more data in general to aid us in our quest to find the right sofa. At current, the winner continues to be one we saw at the first shop, but we haven’t discussed what our plans are for the moment. As it stands, we aren’t in a rush because the couch that is getting replaced is perfectly serviceable, and like the lady helping us said — we’ll know when we find the perfect one (if indeed, perfection is waiting for us out there).

Past that, I’m feeling slightly overheated, and wondering how much longer before Storm Callum brings some proper rain. The weather forecasters generically suggest overnight/tomorrow morning… we’ll see. As long as I don’t have to move, I’m down with anything, ha ha. I’ve got a new gaming keyboard to break in, and I figure I might try to get myself into the mood to get my Diablo on. 😀

For now though, dord.




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