Couch Trip

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Today was a day for extended, studious sitting. Which is to say, we went to check out potential new sofas. Z was relieved that we found anything that potentially met our remit; even in a dedicated homeware store, there was a dearth of four-seater sofas. There were only two that we generally liked, but we’re not in a rush either. The sofa it will be replacing is still in reasonable nick, and will hopefully find itself a nice new home whenever we find the right replacement for it.

Beyond that, I’m just sort of doing my normal chilling. I’m fiddling with malachite chips to see if I can get my materials to do what I want them to do. The first attempt was pretty close, so hopefully these adjustments where get me to where I want to. And then, probably, back to knitting. I do so love doing socks for myself, hee hee.


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