Do Not Be Alarmed

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I’m not alarmed, honest. I just… was making a face for some reason. *chuckles* I try to take at least one picture of myself every day for the sake of it. Whether or not I use it is dependant on whether or not I found something actually interesting (I totally think I am interesting, but like, sometimes I actually leave the house and see other things xD). I’m aware that some people class that as narcissistic, but like… no. We are taught to hate ourselves, and to try to buy ourselves happiness, so a little bit of self-love goes a long way. It’s okay to like oneself. It’s okay to consider oneself attractive (while at the same time not giving a crap what anyone else thinks). *pats own face* This is a good face.

Today was another surprisingly productive day in the face of being sick… I guess being kid gloves to myself pays off. I was a bit worried early on because I had a really bad spell of sneezing, but thankfully, it was only for a minute or two — not enough time to do any appreciable damage to the chestal region. And, hopefully, the taking it easy works out to make tomorrow not so dire. We’re apparently getting a new couch for Christmas from Z’s parents, so we’re going to go butt test some in store we got our most recent couch from. I didn’t see anything particularly interesting on the website in the size and style we want to get, but perhaps there will be something in store that wasn’t listed.

Right, back to knitting, aww yiss. I’m making pleasing progress on my sock, which is always yay, ’cause sock. SOOOOOOCK.


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