Sad Girl with Cake

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Littler was feeling a bit grumpy when she got home. She decided that her sister running off for the front door was offensive today, even though it isn’t most days. Oh well. *chuckles* But she wanted me to take a picture of herself with the cake that she made at school, so I obliged. The first couple were very sad, but it eventually ended up with giggles. She is incredibly fond of being photographed, so I’m glad that it perked her up a bit (plus yanno, cake to eat).

With the brain fog continuing today, I reminded myself first off to be gentle with myself. I managed to get some work done that was in dire need of doing, and while it wasn’t ALL THE WORK, it was some, and some is better than none. I even remembered to eat a thing, which is always a plus.

And now that I have eaten the dinner thing, I’mma scoot and go look at my knitting. Probably.


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