Sleepy Family Sort of Day

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Today has been an excellently sleepy sort of day. I got whacked with a wave of it this morning due the the perfect balance of warmth from the radiators against ambient cold, though I managed to keep my head up somehow. Like, it wasn’t making me sleepy per se, but it was that sort of perfect temperature that makes the concept of sleep sound like the most perfect thing to do at the moment.

While I managed to avoid the sleepy, others were not so.. fortunate? *chuckles* We went around to Z’s parents for lunch, and his father dozed off a couple of times. Littler wanted to nap as well after eating her fill, and as both girls had their blankets down from upstairs, they were definitely prepared for that eventuality. Z was smart and got us home before Littler could nap in earnest, though she’s opted against it now that we’re back. But she’s curled up in a blanket happy, and I am too, so yanno… we know where the party is at, ha ha.

For now, I am going to get back to my current gaming, and in a few minutes, my knitting. My back was pinching, so I wanted to take some pain meds and do some stretches before I risked making it worse.


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