Desk Discovery

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I got myself together and made a dent on tidying back here. Of course, this doesn’t show the displaced books and art supplies that are now in the middle of the lounge. ¬¬ But I will hopefully get Smalls to sit down with me here in a few minutes and pick through it. I’m really proud of myself for the effort I made and hope to build on it. Of course, it;’s more likely that I am going to do myself a damage and not be able to do much for the rest of the week… but hopefully not. *eyes stack and eyes clock* Might be up to procrastinating me… oh well. xD

That’s the main thing of the day. I’ve done a tiny bit of knitting, but it’s mainly been the tidying and playing the same game as I’ve been playing since it came out. I’m still having fun, so why not.


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