The Finished Product

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Yup, all that suspense… and it’s a bunny. *grins* The main reason for dragging out telling what it was is because toys? I don’t do toys often. It takes me approximately a million years to get things attached to my satisfaction, and often requires me to do it two or three times before it’s ‘right’. But it’s done, and it’s pretty cute. Now I’ve got to figure out what I am going to do with it.

Today has been fantastic, weather-wise. Which is to say, it’s been cold enough that the humidity is making it feel colder, which is my idea of perfection. I’ve already shuffled things around in the cupboard so I can put the air conditioner away; it makes me very happy that it’s cool enough enough that I can put that away for the year. Plus yanno, getting it put away is part of my grand master plan of reorganising, so.

I am going to go back to games and knitting. Dord!


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