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As I had finished the super duper rainbow cake of wool, I decided to stop and take stock of how many squares I’d made so far. If I’ve counted correctly, I have 16. The two full cakes I did each made six, while the remnants of the orange after I made a cat hat for Seanan McGuire was four.  Smalls found one on the floor after I’d counted them and put them away, so maybe it’s 17? I’m not going to pull them out to count them again, ha ha.

I’ve not really done anything else today besides part of a square, and gaming. I’ve been on a Caesar III kick, to the point where I’m actually about to complete a level I would always get bored before reaching. It’s on the peaceful path (for those familiar with the game), and my brain always balked at the idea of getting a 10,000 population.  The prosperity goal is somehow easier with the bigger population for some reason, not that I understand why. Honestly, just gonna be glad that another 300 people should see me done with this dratted thing.

*eyes desk* I need to do another round of sorting and tidying, as the most recent raft of crafting materials in haven’t been put away. And I need to figure out where my box of business cards is going to live, though I’m pretty sure I have a spot earmarked for that. And I should probably make a few more sets to put in shop, though I don’t feel lots of pressure there since I have a decent amount of stock already in situ. It’ll be whatever the beads tell me, hee hee.

Right, I’m off.


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