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Today, I have done an exemplary job of doing almost nothing. I finished the level of¬†Caesar III I was on last night, and have moved on to good old Londinium. I’ve gone so far as to bust out Excel to try and get the best mapping for my Palace blocks in situ… we’ll see how and if it works. And,… Read more »


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Because of the fever blister thing, I fished out my phone this morning to get a picture of it. This was the result — pure, unimpressed with morning moi. The lip is coming along though, slowly. At least it’s not quite as tender as it was yesterday. I’ve mainly been zoning out gaming today. I’ve been nudging along a level… Read more »


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As I had finished the super duper rainbow cake of wool, I decided to stop and take stock of how many squares I’d made so far. If I’ve counted correctly, I have 16. The two full cakes I did each made six, while the remnants of the orange after I made a cat hat for Seanan McGuire was four.¬† Smalls… Read more »