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It’s raining. It was raining yesterday, and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. What can you really expect — it’s spring in the UK, ha ha. It’s gonna get a bit colder over the next couple of days, so hopefully I won’t have to go out much into it. I wouldn’t’ve today, except my bestie put in an order for stitch markers. She chided me for going out in the weather for her sake, but like, pfft. It’s good to get out. And to be fair, it wasn’t that bad when I was out; the lack of wind meant that I didn’t need windshield wipers for my glasses!

But yes, I got that order out, and then I made another set to replace them. It was also to help me make sure I’ve got the hang of the mechanics of listings on Etsy; I’m all about the science, ha ha. I except that I will be making good use of the shell beads this weekend to make pretties to list, though I admit a part of me wants to hoard them forever since I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get a source of them again. I did end up sending a message to the seller I got them from to see if they would tell me who their supplier was, but I don’t know if it went through. eBay’s message system was being really borky this morning, so. If I don’t get a reply, I might try again tomorrow. I don’t want to be a pest at all, but like… I have a good feeling about these pretties, so.

For now, I think I am going to go zone out and maybe knit. I finished a square when I was out last night, and I’m pretty close to using up the current cake of wool. 😀


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