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Today brought another wave of trying to tame my desk environs. Of course, kiddos decided they had to keep getting in my way in spite of me repeatedly asking them to not invade the like, 2 square feet I needed them to stay out of. My anxiety is still a bit elevated from that, which is super annoying. But at least the floor space is cleared for the box of mailers when they come in, which is yay. And I’ve sort of got the beads organised in a more useful fashion, I think. It’s semi-moot tonight, since there’s a good chance that I’m not going to make anything. I’m thinking I might have the boxes open to look at them, but I am planning on doing some blanket square knitting to clear my brain.

I had a big work-related relief earlier. You see, I had a problem that seemed to only be for those of us working remote, and it was really slowing down my ability to work. It took the IT guy two times to fix it (like literally everything with him ¬¬), but it was fixed this morning and I almost hurt my face snorting with relief and surprise. I can’t say that I got ALL THE THINGS done, but some things did, and nobody got murdered. Ngl, I love my girls to bits, but I am going to be so freaking relieved when they’re back at school next week and not in my hair all day. Even though they are mainly awesome, it’s still wearing to have them in my space all day for such a period. And then, of course, there’s summer to look forward to… blech. *chuckles*

But eh, got the weekend to look forward to first! We have nothing planned besides what Z is cooking for dinner tonight, and frankly, that’s probably the way we all like it. I expect it will be a fairly standard introvert party of everyone on their devices in the same room, and maaybe even talking!  We’ll figure it out.

For now, making sure my things for the evening are in order, so we can watch The Expanse.


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