All the Pretties

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The bulk of the beads I ordered the other day came in this morning! I’ve not done anything with them besides put them in a storage box, but they are here, they are tucked away, and they are full of possibilities. The only shop-related things I’ve done was complete a sale (yay!), and photograph and list some markers I made last night. Well, and I tidied up the box I keep the made markers in. I’d bought some gift tags, so I used those to label the various batches, and put them all on the same string. I should probably write the prices on the back as well, but I’ll worry about that… not right now. Right now, it’s cramming dinner in my face, and getting my head around what I’m taking with me to knitting. *crams all the markers into a lunchbox and calls it done*

So yeah, there’s that. Otherwise, work happened, and to a degree that was appeasing. Good on that. *laughs*

*scoots off*


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