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We, the six of us, went out for a family meal this evening. The girls were well-behaved (as always), and Granddad solicitously offered to help them eat their desserts. So they both gave him their cones, and focused on their ice cream. I don’t know know if he was amused that they took him at his word… I know I was. *grins*

But yes, it was the first full family meal out in ages. I managed to position myself so that the noisy eaters were as far from me as possible, and across from Z’s mum. I like Mum — she’s good people. We don’t get to chat nearly as much as I think either of us would like, so that was nice. I’m glad that marrying Z came with good parent bolt-on, ha ha. I can’t say that we talked about anything particularly important or vital, but that wasn’t the point anyways.

Today has been emphatically non-productive besides that. I had a bath, and I poked a number into cooperating with a lot of hand-holding. I’m not even upset about it, considering that it’s STILL half-term, and I still have my little limpets around the house. I know it’s only a few days more until they are back at school, and that I will probably miss them when they’re gone… yanno, a couple of weeks after they’re out of my hair, ha ha. I love them with all my heart, but I am a creature with a large bubble who needs lots of space for optimal functioning.

For now, it’s about time to chase the childlings to bed, so I’m going to get on that so I can get back to weaving in all the ends.


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