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Today’s knitting is… sewing. And then more sewing. I got halfway around on the first sleeve and had to rip it out because it looked horrible. And it looked horrible because I always think that I remember how to set in sleeves without checking (hint: I really don’t xD). I’m making pretty good headway on the second sleeve, so hopefully I can get it on Z and admire my work tonight. And then I have more sewing to do, because ends won’t sew themselves in. ¬¬

Tomorrow is Moo Cow Day. It’s a holiday that Smalls made up last year, and I put in our Google calendar because why the fuck not. I had her write out a list of things that we had to do//what rules to follow, to which Her Cheekiness snuck in doing everything she said. She rationalised it really well too, which was impressive. In the end, we’re going to go out for a meal with Z’s parents, which will be nice. I think the last time all six of us went out for a meal was on vacation a few years back. It’s the sort of family bonding things that Z and I are both keen on trying to expand on, so hopefully it will go well. I mean, I can’t see why it won’t. The girls were champs when we took them out for a meal the other week (month?), which is always encouraging.

What else, what else… oh yes! Our friend Jeze is coming to visit this weekend. We’re both well pleased that we actually organised making it happen; I cannot claim that either of us is the best at trying to organise socialisation.  We don’t have any plans other than ‘come here’ in the books, but really, that’s more than enough. 🙂

Right, I should wrap this up and prepare to herd children upstairs. And then sew. Forever.


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