Round and Round

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I managed to slog through the pain in the ass of picking up stitches last night. I’m probably only another row or two off of doing the amount I need before I can cast off and move on to other things, so that’s hooray. I don’t know if I am going to get stuck into the shoulder seams today, but whatever.

At least I’ve had a nice day of knitting, and retro gaming. Today’s entertainment comes in the form of the Caesar franchise; I played some Caesar this morning, and am currently poking along in Caesar III. I’m playing the military path for once, which is slightly more interesting than the more peaceful path. At least, it is for now. I always end up hitting a point where I get bored and wander off, and because of how my brain works, I almost never can pick up where I left off. Yes, it IS annoying, thanks for playing. Sometimes I can manage to convince my brain to cooperate with trying to figure out where I’m picking up from, but… *shrugs* It is what is, and my brain obviously needs more stabbing with Q-Tips.

I got to mail off another stitch marker order today, which was yay. It was to another dear friend, which is both yay and not yay. Yay because my friends are supporting me and are interested in what I am crafting, boo because I’m not having luck catching attention elsewhere. I might try to lean on my friends a bit harder to tell their friends, but I don’t want to be a pest either. As I muttered on Twitter the other day — self-promotion is hard, and harder for me and how I was conditioned. I’m proud that I am doing it though, and if it annoys friends? Then maybe they aren’t actually friends.

For now, back to the knitting. The sooner I finish this, the sooner I can get back to doing stitch markers and pimping myself out for sweet sweet money. *grins*


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