The Worst Part of Knitting…

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… is picking up stitches. I pulled my knitting out of my bag for the first time since I was out Wednesday, and finished the last few rows on the second sleeve. Which means now I am doing math and picking up stitches, which is… tedious. To say the least. Still, at least it’s nearing completion! I don’t think that I am going to get it done tonight, but maybe tomorrow. We’ll see how sane I am feeling after picking up said stitches.

I mainly took a break from store things today. I had some markers I wanted to finish from last night, but besides doing those few and getting them listed, well. As I said, I’d been slacking on my knitting, so I ‘deserved’ to switch focus. Plus, I know that I am dragging my heels a bit until I get to order more beads. I’ve just reminded Z that I need to get him to log into his eBay for me so that I can use the code he got,  so I guess I’ll get on that in a mo.

*gets on that*


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