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I had three bits of mail this morning, to my amusement. I’m not usually the one getting the mail, so getting all of it was whee. Z was mildly concerned when the postwoman showed up though, because she had something like five little packages, and he was worried they were all for me. No love, I’m doing my best to be parsimonious in my buying, honest! He’s spotting me some goodies though, insomuch that he got emailed a voucher for £10 off of an eBay purchase, which means I can use it to get twice the goodies for half the price. The only ‘problem’ is that it doesn’t work on my account, so I’m going to have to log in as him and transfer my basket over. Still, it’s worth it to get more stock for less spending.

Of course, I don’t want to go too cheap though, or I end up with faceless dice. That was one of the two things that came in for me this morning, ha ha. In the end, the stitch markers I’ve made with them are actually rather cute, but I decided to put them into my shop super cheap because of the random faceless facets. Hopefully they will entice people to spend some money, hee hee. And I still have more dice left, so I will probably make some markers on the beading wire to accommodate bigger needles than the sets I’ve made so far can do.

Mmm, I’m going to go think about that, and get my pills restocked. Ain’t no party like a pillbox party, har har.


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