The Colours, Duke!

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I just got get started in on my next cake of wool for blanket squares, woo hoo. I decided to go for the rainbow because it will be more fun to work, and because it was the one that was easiest to get to. I don’t know how many I will or won’t get done today, but at least I’ve got some knitting going while reminding Jeze how to do it herself.

Yes, she made it here in one piece, and we have been having a mainly lovely time. Any lack of loveliness is due to pre-existing headache. Co-codamol didn’t do the do, but throwing some ibuprofen atop it helped. I’m probably going to have to repeat it all in a little bit, but I’m hoping the girls going to bed will enable me to limp by. I love them well, but I was SUPER grateful that they were taken over to see Z’s parents for a bit. The noise atop the headache was making my anxiety spike severely and repeatedly, leaving me feeling like an ass for all the constant shooshing.

I’ve also gotten another listing up in my Etsy shop. It’s my first attempt to list something that had a variation, so hopefully I didn’t botch that up. I’ve got another set that I need to get up as well, but I’ll do that after I’m done here. I think I have a name for them, if not exactly what sparse copy I want to put up in relationship to it. Eh, it’s not like I haven’t blagged all of it so far, ha ha.

Right, off to other things.


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