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I’ve had a hankering this past week to wear my various hand knits. I made myself so many goodies something like two years ago, and then I’ve barely touched them. So I’m making a point to do it now. I’m currently wearing my Nesoi tee, which is lovely and light, and just the right level of extra warmth I need over my tank top. I am thinking that I will need to think about making another one in the future in a different colour, just because it is a good layering piece (and in the scheme of things, it didn’t that me *that* long to make it).

I’ve not done any knitting today though. No, instead I’ve been in the mood to make stitch markers. I’ve done a couple of sets (two of which you can see on my Instagram), and in general am feeling optimistic about my ability to make good ones. I had to get over a degree of fussiness that was holding me back. And well, maybe I can bring said fussiness back and make super-professional fancy ones down the line, but for now, they’re more than usable, and pleasing to look at. I’m very happy I was able to eke actual sets out of what I was doing, though they did remind me that I am not really in possession of a lot of matching beads. So of course, I’ve got a basket full of beads (reasonably priced ones) that I am going to get myself in the near future, and maybe another cheap and cheerful random assortment or two as well.

Right, realised it’s time to go to bed and I’ve not wrapped this up, so off I go. Night!


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