No Comments on Temptation

There is a single bead that has been sitting on my desk most of this week. So of course, that bead keeps singing siren songs of making more stitch markers. You know what? I do want to make more. But I have set myself the goal of trying to get halfway through this sleeve this weekend, so I’m trying to resist. It’s being supplemented by the fact that I can see my 20mm needles on top of my storage units, and I really want to make stitch markers for bigger needles. I WILL do it, and I will have fun and learn things, but first… first. *chuckles*

Smalls continues to be feeling poorly, and will definitely be staying home with me tomorrow. She’s slowly getting turned around, and hopefully will be back at school Tuesday. After all, this is the last week before the Easter hols, and I don’t want her to miss out on learning and seeing her friends and all of that. And in the interim, there’s a lot of going through it too sympathy for her.  My face has re-snotted the last few days, and my throat has started hurting as well. I expect I will have a date with a Lemsip and honey later.

*eyes beads* Maybe if I just take them off the shelf…

Right, off to go knit and wrassle with myself, ha ha.


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