Chipping Away

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Since we were all stuck at home today due to weather, we mainly took it easy. But Z also spearheaded getting a tidying task that we wanted done started. We’re not completely done processing the junk into less junk, but we’ve managed to throw quite a few old toys away, in addition to rubbish that had hidden itself amongst other things (as rubbish does in a busy, child-filled house). And bonus, the girls actually did a proper job of helping out. We have so few spoons between us that things like teaching the girls how to clean properly doesn’t always get covered, so I was happy that we had some success today.

The snow continues to fall out there, and is supposed to clear until midnight at the very least. The forecasters are seeming to suggest that it might nip above freezing and rain tomorrow, but I’ll believe it when I see it at this point. At least there is nowhere we need to go, though the girls and Z will walk over to visit his parents at some point. If the forecasters are right, Sunday will hopefully be clearer, if the rain sorts the ice out. *shrugs*

For the most part today, I’ve been grinding levels in Diablo 3. Smalls let me do a knitting lesson yesterday, and she knows that she has an open invite to do the same again today. I should probably lean on her when I’m at a natural stopping point in my gaming… tomorrow or something, ha ha. I just realised how late it is (as in, nearing their bedtime). Maybe tomorrow then.


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