Snow Dump

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Well, weather happened. The forecasts suggest that it’s going to keep happening for the next couple of days. Unlike yesterday, it fell for a good spell and dumped at least an inch, maybe more. I didn’t get out to measure it this time, so. I’m just happy that I was able to watch it though! Hopefully I’ll get more of that tomorrow, and that it doesn’t get too dangerously icy. Z commented that our ramp was already developing patches, so hopefully his bit of scraping will keep it from getting worse.

Today ended up being sufficiently productive, enough that I won’t feel bad if I slack off tomorrow. I always figure that’s my reward for getting caught up, taking the last day of the month mainly off. There will still be *some* bits to do, and heck, I might even find more to do than I think there is. We’ll see!

For now, back to running some bounties in Diablo.


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