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Season 13 of Diablo III started yesterday. So of course, most of my time since then has been dedicated to an initial play-through of the game before I can move on to the more fun aftercore sort of things. I’m most of the way through Act V, and am currently in the Pandemonium Fortress (as pictured). So I should easily be able to knock that out this evening.

Less likely to get knocked out is any knitting. I decided to hit up eBay last night to get a fixed length 25cm 4.50mm circular needle to work the sleeves on. I’m currently doing the one I’m on via magic loop on the shortest cord I have. I could transfer it to DPNs, but I really don’t want to. It’s cold, my hands are feeling it, and I want to make things as simple as possible in the world of crafting.

Also in the realm of gaming, the girls are playing Minecraft together. We’re not completely sure how they figured out how to do that on their tablets, but they are having a great time building houses, and the world’s biggest swimming pool. I’m constantly impressed at how naturally Littler comes to these things, though I guess one could surmise that makes sense when everyone else in the house has their own gaming cred. Speaking of…

Smallhausen: There’s zombies in my swimming pool, aaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Littler: It’s a good idea!

Sure kids, why not.

Right, time for a late dinner.


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