Fun With Hair

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I like having long hair. For one, I find it easier to care for — it’s brush and go, really. For two, it’s fun to play with. When I don’t have anything else to hand, it’s a good fidget cube analogue, and always has been for me. Plus, having lots of hair gives you chances to do fun things with it, like this attempt at a Princess Leia bun. I’m not quite sure how I managed to get it to look half decent, and I’m very amused that it was being held up by the tiny clip pictured. I tried to do the same on the other side, but it didn’t come out as well (and it turns out that having hair over my ears like that is really stressful, so it was better to take it out).

Today is/was my favourite day of the working month — the day I get mainly caught up with myself. It almost always happens around this time of the month, but that doesn’t stop my brain from wah-ing until it does, ha ha. I guess it’s an extra relief this time because we had half-term, and I’ve been sick in some form or another all year so far.

Today is also the start of the new season in Diablo III. I’m already part of the way through Act I on a Witch Doctor. I cannot remember if I’ve actually played one for any amount of time… so probably not. I do have to say there is something satisfying about killing mobs by throwing jars of spiders at them though.

Right then, time to get my Diablo on.


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