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It’s the weekend, so we’re doing what we do best — sitting on our butts playing video games. Smalls and Littler got their Diablo on with Z earlier, and then played a few games with him on his VR headset. It’s pretty cool, the headset; it’s set up so that people not wearing the VR helmet can play as well. I’m not sure if Z was aware of that before he purchased it… probably. He’s good at knowing all the things about a thing. Whatever the case, it makes for some cute scenes of the three of them gaming together. The three of us are in personal bubble, do not invade mode now, but that’s fine too. I like that we can all be in the same room and do our own thing.

I’m currently obsessively checking and rechecking the weather forecast. The tl;dr seems to be ‘IT’S GONNA SNOW’ at some point, or multiple points over the next week. So of course, I want to make sure that it’s going to mainly happen when I’m awake and can watch it, ha ha. We’ll see what happens when it happens… that’s about all I can do.

For now, back to gaming, and vaguely thinking about knitting. I’m on Chapter 3 of 4 on my Seasonal journey, and I’m thinking I can probably knock that out fairly easily today… we’ll see.



2 thoughts on “The Best View

  1. Doris

    I’m doing the same thing re: weather forecast. But selfishly, I want it all over by Friday, because I have to drive to Weymouth and collect my parents, who have sold their house and will be living with us until their new apartment is ready (expected to be May)


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