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Yes, this face is a grumpy face, sort of. I took a bath, grudgingly, and came out of it feeling really sick and headache-y. Like, overheated? I know I like a hot bath, but I am hella confused by the feeling overheated thing. I chucked some caffeine and paracetamol at it, and am currently trying to make sure I’ve got water going into me as well. After all, I need to keep in mind that I’ve still got the edge of a cold clinging on.

Still feeling crap aside, I guess it’s been a productive enough day, sort of. Stuff got done, and per usual, not as much as I would have liked. But hey, I suspect that’s how most people feel most days, right? 🙂


Anyways, short entry is short. I’mma scoot to try to think knitting thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Grudging

  1. pyctsi

    I never leave the house and I’ve picked up a case of the icks, I’ve low energy and crapper sleeping habits than normal, I’m throwing Lucozade at it daily (it’s not as bad as it was). So it seems it’s the season for lurgy and icks.

  2. Raeyn Post author

    I rarely leave, but I do have three germ vectors that come home to me. *chuckles* But yeah, totally. The second I start to get over one, another seems to crop up.


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