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No, I don’t have my tower back *quite* yet. This is a picture Z took when he was paying the shop, as one of the techs whipped off the side to show their handiwork. He reported that the shop guys were doing the proud artisan vibe over how tidy it came out, etc, and that made me smile. I’m always going to be happy letting people fix my errors who get excited about banal-to-some things like that. I don’t know that I will take off the side to peek at it more closely, but I might. It depends if I can control my WHAGARBLE MUST GET YOU ONLINE!!11one urge, hee hee.

Today has been slightly more productive work-wise. I’m still headdesking at how many things I’ve managed to eff up over the year in new and unique ways that complicate my work at this stage of things, but oh well… learning opportunities, right? I think the main issue if there was one is the persistent headache. I woke up with it, and even with repeat applications of caffeine and a bit of co-codamol, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere… so rude.

Ugh, and speaking of rude! Apparently we need to acquire a new Windows 10 key for my desktop. We didn’t know, and they didn’t tell us that changing the motherboard that had an OEM key on it would negate the key. Z called them to raise a bit of hell, and they’ve offered us a key for £45. We’ll see whether or not we take them up on the offer. I assured Z that it’s not going to stop me using it today if we don’t have one, though I should have thought of that before forgetting he needed to get the girls to the salon in… oh… five minutes. *hangs head*

Haircuts — the lottery, ha ha. Smalls keeps going on about how she wants her hair like bat. The only problem is that her hair is naturally curly when short, so it would end up not doing the same thing. Littler is going along, but currently has no interest in a haircut. She might change her mind after seeing her sister get one. I should have probably gone to take pictures, but we were all sort of pell mell trying to get sorted after Z was fussing at the computer shop on the phone.

But heyyyyyyy, sexy graaphics?!

I guess that’s about it for now. I need to think about getting my knitting packed up for tonight, so.


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