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I couldn’t tell you why it amuses me, but that the wool has sort of developed a rounded shape on the top does at that. It also reminded me that the size of the cake has decreased enough that I can turn it on its side so it feeds through the spiral properly, so that has now been done. Huttah, etc.

Today was a fairly annoying day work-wise. I hate-hate-hate-hate the IT guy who does stuff for work. I think he’s barely competent and that we could get much better value for money elsewhere. For example, he’s obviously done an update on the servers in the last couple of days — fair enough. What he seems to have neglected, *again*, is remembering the security exceptions that haven’t magically gone away between Friday and Monday. You would think if he had half an ass to put towards doing his job he would keep a list of those exceptions, instead of me having to get our not that tech-savvy quasi-boss to email him to fix an error that he should not have made (and that he’s probably going to try to charge us for). I mentioned it to Z as a possibility, but really, I just want it fixed ASAP because it’s preventing me from doing my job properly.

Smalls just had a friend around for a play date, which is always nice. I’ve not had a lot of interaction with the friend in question, so I felt awkward and not quite sure what to say. She took an interest in my ‘greedy’ gaming rig though, ha ha. It reminded me that we need to try to organise another playdate between Littler and her bestie, which apparently Littler had been asking her daddy about yesterday. I don’t want to think about organising that just this second, but hopefully I can poke my butt into gear and ask about it later this evening.

Right, my brain keeps wandering off, so I’mma follow it.


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