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One of the other sights on the walk home was this snapped image. There is a house on the main road that has been redoing their garage and front ‘garden’, and something about it was like, whelp, stop I’m recording this. I noticed as I paused there was another workman in the garage having a cuppa, and I shot him a smile before taking a quick snap. He smiled back too, briefly, probably bemused more than not. Ah well, still made for a good picture.

As for today, it’s been mundane, more of the same. I’ve been starting really early and finishing after Z gets home, and I am still feeling like I am getting nowhere. I mean, I know I am, but still. It’s slow. At least posting here about it helps me nudge myself along, though I admit it doesn’t make for scintillating reading.

It’s knitting tonight, and I’ve just chucked all the pain meds at my head and neck. Like, I’m way confused by the neck part because I had a nice hot soak… but never mind. Crap body is crap, ha ha. I’m making sure to do a few stretches and neck rolls, but too many because they make me dizzy. But like, it’s funny how going to knitting feels slightly hollow now that bat has gone back to the States. I’m sure that I will get used to it sooner rather than later, but… eh. I guess I have to have at least -a- place where my feels of missing reside, so why not there. It’ll be great to see everyone though, and hopefully, actually make some effin’ progress on my current work.


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