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Well okay, that’s not strictly true, as here’s a nice picture of clouds and a tree. But it’s a filler picture for what I should have taken pictures of — the kiddos at the village fun day. But nope, I managed to leave my phone at home, so will have to rely on other parties for treasured digital memories.

I’m not beating myself up over it though — as grossly hot as it’s been today, I consider it a form of miracle that I remember anything. Z and I have both been the walking dead… though in his case, that’s from being on the go all day. Mine is just from hobbling around the green a bit and mainly sitting down with the excuse of being furniture for Littler.

At least we don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow. Instead, we have Z’s parents coming around to ours for dinner. Z makes a mean Shepard’s Pie, and it works very well as a FEED ALLLL THE PEOPLE sort of dish. Plus, it’s nice to have them around to ours. There wasn’t really room for it at our old place, and this place does tend to be a bit of a disaster area still… but at least there’s ample seating, ha ha.

Off to watch Dr. Who!


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