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I was a bit at a loss as to what to do for my picture today, so I just sort of waggled my phone camera around until something looked vaguely interesting/arty. I’m not really sure my arm looking all weird and elongated (with no editing!) *really* fills that remit, but never mind. At this point, it’s more about the challenge of making myself take at least one picture a day for the sake of taking a picture. And really, there is only so much I can take pictures of from my homebound state, so. *shrugs*

Today has been a rough day to be British. In addition to Sir Roger Moore passing away, there was the attack in Manchester last night. I’m blessed that my friends aren’t idiots, so nobody is screaming to ‘send him back to where he came from’, which yanno, was Manchester. I’ve seen it second-hand on some other people’s walls, and that’s as close as I care to get to it. And really. I saw a tweet that sort of summed up that hateful xenophobia as being radicalised in and of itself, and I agree. I would LOVE for all the personalities to be set aside and wait until all the families know who is missing or dead, which includes actual factual children out for what should have been the night of their life. I have no opinion of Ariana Grande as an artist because I have no exposure to her, but I remember the thrill of going to my first couple of concerts. It’s magical to be able to see your favourite artist on the stage bringing the music to life in front of you.

I also saw in a friend’s wall discussion someone point out that we need to work harder as a Western nation to find out why our own children would turn against their neighbours. As said, the fellow was a born and bred Mancunian; the colour of his skin is irrelevant as terrorists come in all fleshy tones. I’m sure that the talking heads will spin it so many ways that we’ll never know the real truth of it. I would almost pity the fellow, were he not a rank coward too pathetic to face the consequences of his actions. I don’t know if I believe in the Afterlife, and I don’t believe in wishing bad things upon people, so… I don’t know. Better to spend my energy thinking of the children and families currently suffering if I am to think of it at all.

Z has a meeting tonight, so I’m zoning out with Vintage, as that’s the channel he left it on when he left. It’s music, so it fills the remit of generic background noise without talking that I ‘need’ to focus on really. I might change it, but I don’t know to what. Probably won’t get around to it as it’s not important. I’ve got to think about things like restocking mah pills… might as well get that over with.


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