I Hate to Post and Run, But…

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I don’t know why, but on nights when I’m out, when I get home and mail my blog pictures to myself from my phone, they take for-effin-ever to get to me, forcing me to send them another route. It’s very frustrating because oh hey, I’m tired and want to get in bed. But I have set myself this task of nightly blogging, and said task will be achieved (if only to show off Mr. Sock Monkey in progress here).

It’s been a really good day, all told. First of all, my new TeeTurtle shirt arrived — just in time for knitting. For second, my psych called with good news. I told E so she could nose around, but like… progress! Finally! It might not be the actual diagnosis, but it’s that yuuuuuge step closer. I nearly cried once I started processing it, and felt loads lighter. It’s been something like 3 years and change since we’ve been trying to get this particular diagnosis process pushed along, and it’s sort of sad that it being so ‘quick’ is me being lucky. R actually *WAS* diagnosed with ADHD as a kid, and she can’t get anything for it here without getting it re-diagnosed, which is ridiculous. But then, up until recently, I would have said that this country was very determined to ignore the fact that adults could have ADHD, and that it got worse with the passing of time for women — yay for disorder norms being based on hyperactive white males to the exclusion of EVERYONE else.

And then knitting itself was good. It’s funny how even though we’ve only been doing every week for a couple of months it feels the norm. Having not had a session last week makes it feel like it’s been a million years. But it was nice, and we got ourselves set up in a pleasant corner. And I handed out some of the new crochet-oriented stitch markers that I’d made from materials another member gave me, and they were well received. I like making things for friends (and in this case, one person who is probably a not-friend, but never mind all that).

There was live music too by accident, so that was pleasant. Their style made me really want to request ‘In the Aeroplane Over the Sea’ by Neutral Milk Hotel, but I was about to go, and I was pretty sure they wouldn’t know it. They’re going to overlap our next couple of sessions at this pub, so I might pluck up my courage to see if they do know it. Worst comes to worst, I’ll just listen to it tomorrow morning.

Past that, I share an amusing tidbit out of the household. As I’ve just coloured my hair, Smallhausen declared that she wanted to as well. First she said red, and then blue. We told her that maybe we’ll let her do something over summer. ‘Half term?’ she asked several times. I don’t know whether her excitement at the prospect overwrote what we were saying, or if she was just trying her luck. *chuckles* But I’m not adverse to a bit of the old Manic Panic when she has a few weeks off if we all remember then. Lucky thing, her hair is light enough that it might actually show up. Mine was always just a bit too dark to get any real results.

Right! Bed! Dord!


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