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img_20161021_201850337I’m glad that it’s cooler for not only my enjoyment of it being colder, but because I’ve had a hot date with my heating pad all day. I’d taken some pain meds after waffling for a bit on whether or not I could get away with not taking any, and took ’em in the nick of time. Ish. At least, before it started to get agonising. It did get agonising, hence the heating pad. I’ve just sort of stayed pressed against it trying to force myself to not use my arms and shoulders too much… oh. *grumblesighs*

So yeah, that means I’ve not done much on my knitting. I’ve done a couple of rows on a toy limb, and then remembered towards the end of it that I’ve never bothered to teach myself how to create jogless stripes and that I’m just going to be a bit eff that about that one limb at least. Maybe I’ll try better on the others? It’s just a toy, so I’m not too fussed about it being picture perfect. If anything, one thing I like about knitting is that if you make a mistake — it’s just a charming character feature of it being handmade! Within reason, obviously.  Maybe I’ll try to get it better on the next one, though that’ll require me finding two brain cells to rub together in order to like, process information. It’s out there and easily findable, so.

Past that, doing some Sims, and doing some Minecraft. My Legacy hasn’t started its third generation yet officially, but it will soon. Because my founder’s spouse wanted the Surrounded by Family lifetime wish (raise five children from babies to teenagers), I’ve been getting the kids through their own lifetime wishes, and up to 100,000+ Lifetime Wish points before booting them out of the house. Those two things are each worth a point in the challenge total, as is getting a portrait of them drawn once they reach their maturity, so must milk them for all they are worth. The eldest two children have been moved out with their waiting families, while the other three are progressing slowly. Two of those three already have spouses and children waiting for them — I just have to finish milking them for points. And while I never would have chosen the Surrounded by Family as one of the first Lifetime Wishes to knock out… I guess the game can only get easier from here?

Anyways, back to that.


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