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img_20161014_202541177Today, we received a text message from the school that the school disco that was supposed to occur tonight was cancelled. We were sad — Smallhausen loves going to the school discos. But apparently, last night there were plenty of Friends who were signed up for it, and suddenly none this morning. Rude. So instead, Smalls came home and announced that J and j were coming over to hang out for a bit instead. I suggested we order in a meal and the three of them (once E was off work) join us for dinner. That was fun, and we introduced them to Drawful. Suffices to say, fun was had. Bonus, I won two of the… four? Four rounds we played. One of them I won in a majorly definitive way, which was unexpected but pleasing. I don’t play to win, but winning is still a nice side effect.

I was also working on my knitting, naturally. I’m sort of doing a row, stopping, thinking, and then doing another one. I don’t want the scarf to be too long, but I also want it to be as long as I can get it to be. The buttons are part of a master plan of me dedicating myself to too much sewing… the doodle there might give you an idea of what I have in mind. If not, you’ll just have to wait until I finish it, won’t you? 🙂

Past that, just doing a bit of showing off:

img_20161014_121353158 img_20161014_202601459

I’ve been working on doing ‘proper’ buns supported by a hairstick, and I was pleased with the result of this one. I ended up taking it down because Batman kept headbutting me in the bun and it was unpleasant. He does that pretty much any time I have my hair in a bun. Why? Beats me. I’m not a cat. As for the shirt, it’s my most recent TeeTurtle acquisition. There were three that came out at the same time, and this one juuuust edged out the other two. Orange isn’t normally my colour anyways, and candy corn is terrible, but still. Great shirt.

Anyways. Dord!


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