What Smells?

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14624358_1690525251274798_2982309940405731328_nHint: it’s not me. Well. I’m not *able* to smell right now. It has its benefits, like not knowing when someone has laid a stinky present in the house, or having to smell the Lemsip (think Theraflu) when I’m drinking it down, but still. It’s a very annoying phase of the cold.

I’m hoping that smelling comes back tomorrow, but more so, I’m hoping that my breathing is better tonight than last night. Last night was distracting to the point of having a really freaking hard time getting to sleep, so. I neeeeed sleep. I spent the first couple of hours of this morning trying to not fall back asleep. I could have because Z ended up working at home to take Littlerbit to the doctor for her flu vaccination, as I was in absolutely no shape to do it… but me and naps absolutely do not get on. I wake up feeling miles worse than before I gave into it, and then there’s always the risk that it’s going to eff up my night sleep as well.

At least in the vaguely productive sense today, I made more progress on my knitting. I also took a few minutes to try and plan out the next piece that goes with what I’m currently doing, which requires the buttons. I sort of waffle between being proud at being able to freehand nice things in knitting and how it counts as doing my own patterns, and feeling like I’m bigging myself up too much by thinking that. At least the annoyance of having to try to beat my way through self-doubt and insecurity doesn’t prevent me from knitting on, so yanno, existential crisis AND busy hands? Works for me.

For now, I’m going to get back to the knitting, and playing a bit of The Sims 3. I’m starting my nth legacy, not that I know if I’m going to carry it through. But it’s the sort of space filler my brain wants, and I’m going to give it what it desires.


This Legacy starter actually gets walls on day one, how posh!



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