Voila, Smartassery

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npaIt would seem that I let my phone run out of charge, so there goes my finding photographic ‘inspiration’ from my environment… my messy, messy environment. *chuckles* I’m pretty good at moving through it without injury, but I should probably scoop up the car-shaped caltrops. Eventually. *chuckles*

I’ve done a good job of doing little today. I completed the Sinnoh Pokédex after chasing Mesprit around for hours (tl;dr accidentally used my Master Ball and didn’t realise it until after I hit save). So now I’m having fun mining for fossils while continuing on my Craft the World game. And knitting. I did get 9 rows of the 10 I wanted done yesterday, which is yay. I’ve done four so far today, which is less than I wanted to do, but I’m planning on doubling down once I’m done writing this. Which means I should probably wrap this up, ha ha. My brain obviously isn’t in the mood.


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