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So, realtalk — exercise and I don’t get along. It robs me of my appetite, causes me to rapid cycle, and a raft of other things. Lighter things like walking or jogging tends to be a no no because oh hey, too boring. Fun things that are suddenly coached as exercise, such as roller derby, ruin the potential fun for me. And of course, that’s not even getting to the fact that I’ve been dealing with chronic fatigue for almost 20 years now, and that means that my baseline stamina is non-existent (which made those Air Force years oh so fun ¬¬).

Name of one of the cottages on the other side of the village; it's strangely apt for this post!

Name of one of the cottages on the other side of the village; it’s strangely apt for this post!

Now, I do like to move. I’ve got ADHD, and where it’s more and more the inattentive type as I age (common for afabs), but for most of my life there was definitely a wiggling about hyperactive element to it as well. I used to all the time randomly start dancing and flapping and even running for the sake of running was a glorious feeling.

It was also a bemusing and glorious feeling when, while tromping alongside the riverside, Pokémon Go congratulated me on completing my first 10k. That’s 6.2 miles, yo, and I seriously have no idea how I’ve done that. Well, I *DO* — I walked a mile and change yesterday to see if there were any Pokéstops or Gyms on the other side of the village (the answer is no, definitely no), and I did around 2 miles today while trying my hand at gym battles, lunch at a Pokéstop, and general wandering.

I cannot think of any time in my life where I have actually wanted to walk around for an hour or /two, and triply so by myself. It’s still exhausting, and I don’t know what sort of stamina if any I can build up, but like, it’s getting me out of the house. Both my husband and his parents are well pleased with that, and appreciate the significance of it. Of course, I really need to try to not overdo it — while I might have done two miles today, I made sure to stop and sit often. I’m not really feeling worse for wear, so it’s encouraging.

I want to add — I don’t believe in exercise or diet for losing weight. I subscribe to the health at every size model,  wherein I don’t owe anyone health either, but also where I don’t fall into that trap that I can win the weight loss lottery. I actually legit don’t care that I’m fat, but I do like the idea of being able to conquer the chronic fatigue enough to improve my quality of life. I’ve got fancy ideas about having an improved quality of life since having my bipolar diagnosed and medicated, ha ha. And by ‘fancy’, I mean ‘reasonable expectations to enjoy a fulfilled life’.

Past that, I’m just doing my best to enjoy the weekend. I’ve got my gaming, I’ve got my knitting, and there’s always the possibility of a family walk of the servers come back up. *whistles*  Some idiot scriptkiddies have claimed to have taken down the game, though citation needed. Of course, now someone is claiming that it’s up. I bet if it is it’ll come down pretty quickly again as people rush to get on the servers.

Anyoos, knitward.


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