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One in the Bag

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The first day of school is over! We have survived the first day! Hallelujah and things! Both of the girls had a full day of school, and Littler was certainly tired by the end of it. So was Smallhausen, to be fair. Z and I both went to get them from school, so we had a lovely little walk back… Read more »

That Was Unexpected

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Z commented that the sky was falling, and that it looked like big fat raindrops. So I go to the window, and nope, it’s totally hail. And, it turns out, it was highly localised. I had friends reporting in from other parts of town with clear skies and not a drop of rain, so I don’t even know. *chuckles* I… Read more »

The Most Expensive Bowl I Own…

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Is, of course, my new yarn bowl! And to be fair, £15.59 is a pretty reasonable price for such an important and nicely made bit of kit. It makes me wish that I could wood work… but on the other hand, I think Z would murder me if I got hooked into such a space-intensive hobby atop my other ones,… Read more »

Competing Interests

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I am currently trying to make myself sit down and knit things that were supposed to be done before or during vacation, ha ha. Alas for my knitting, my Pokémon addiction returned to its roots; I’d downloaded Pokémon Yellow for DS Virtual Console the day before we left, and dived back into it head-first. I’m so pleased with it that… Read more »