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I am currently trying to make myself sit down and knit things that were supposed to be done before or during vacation, ha ha. Alas for my knitting, my Pokémon addiction returned to its roots; I’d downloaded Pokémon Yellow for DS Virtual Console the day before we left, and dived back into it head-first. I’m so pleased with it that I’m thinking I might dive into HeartGold next, ’cause I love the idea of getting my Gen II fix, Gen IV style. I was trying to hold off on that until we could find a Pokéwalker, but alas, alas… I don’t think I’m going to manage to get one of those unless I buy SoulSilver for £45+ ‘new’. So it goes. I might well feel up to it with Sun and Moon coming out later this year!

But yeah, deeefinitely trying to keep myself distracted, else I start focusing on the all-encompassing shit smell coming from the outside world. It makes me wonder if it’s a new sort of manure being spread, now with extra shit smell. It probably suffices to say that I am not impressed by it. I know that manure is part of life in the middle of the fields, but still. Still. Not at dinnertime. ¬¬

Oh yeah, and a book came in the post. Yay books!

Oh yeah, and a book came in the post. Yay books!

I’ve not managed to get any chore-esque things done today that I had thought to do, but never mind. I’m feeling the big crash, which had to happen sometime. I still hope to make myself sit down tomorrow and pick through my old clothing to throw out things that don’t fit, or shove in the vacuum bag, or something. I definitely have some things that I can’t squeeze into anymore that I don’t want to throw out, like my Spiral club membership shirt (old? official Nine Inch Nails fanclub), or my assorted KoL shirts (even if I don’t play the game anymore).

Anyways, back to knitting and Pokémon.


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