Too Sweet

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The babies are settling in well. Raven still isn’t interacting with them much, while Vivi seems to think he’s a harried babysitter. Which… more or less what we guessed would be the case initially. The little ones themselves are happy to demand pets, and to wander around, but they’re not too keen on being picked up yet. That’s fine — I would probably be nervous too if a big semi-stranger Godzilla’d me up into the sky. *chuckles*

Not a lot past that. I had to ditch my current save of No Man’s Sky because it had borked up in some way I couldn’t find a fix for. Weirdly, I’m not as annoyed as I thought I’d be, even though I was a good 55+ hours deep into the save. I’m just wandering on a random planet gathering base materials before setting up a base. Lulz, different meanings for the same word in the same sentence, woo.

Right, off to games and yarn and things. Having some caffeine to see if it helps me sleep better tonight. I took my meds last night, and yet, I was having trouble falling asleep like I hadn’t. I woke up feeling mainly human, for which I was relieved, but still. Less than ideal.


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