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So. Four cats sleeping in my bedroom. Awesome! Less awesome is Raven’s repeat insistence on napping in my sock drawer. I mean, yes, it’s cute and probably smells like me, but him and his brother are yarn/sock thieves, so this insistence of his annoys me. I chucked him out of the drawer once and pushed it as far closed as I could, but he got back in. Sigh!

Not a lot going on today, besides checking on the various cats. They *are* all getting along really well so far, which is pleasing. Less pleasing is that I’ve had a really bad headache and a bit of… sub-dizzy? I took meds, so I’m upright, but I probably need to redose myself soon. I should also probably go get some caffeine. Having some last night pre-bed seemed to have worked out nicely for me getting to sleep easily, and staying asleep. Why are bodies, right?


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