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When over at Mum’s house, I did my semi-regular barefoot run through her back garden, taking pictures of random things. I also made a second run to pick some apples, as her Bramley was quite fruitful. They aren’t eating apples, so I didn’t really want them for me, but I figured that she could gift them to her neighbour.

And back at home, it’s more D3, and beaaads. I’m currently stacking colours trying to decide which is going to be the best combo of shades for non-binary. I’m going to try for as many flags as I can, but non-binary stuff sells well, and yanno, it’s one of my specific flags at that. I’ve got a few different strung to consider, but I’m not completely there yet. I know that I can do my nut in trying to be too perfect, so. We’ll see.

Off to that!


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