Together Then

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Z and I noted as we were driving out of the village that this was probably, almost assuredly, the first family outing since Covid hit the world. We did a wander around B&M buying too many snacks, picked up some fruit and lunch at Tesco, and then came back home. Did I say snacks? So many snacks, ha ha. Bonus — I found, for the first time since moving here, effin’ vanilla creamer. Bonus bonus, it was a sugar-free one! So yeah, gonna be rocking some coffees in the near future.

For now, making the flag stitch markers, yes yes. I got the non-binary ones done earlier, and am doing bisexual right now. I’ve got asexual laid out for consideration, and am thinking of a different approach for ones like demisexual. Maybe. We’ll see. I like having a new project within my existing realms of creating though.


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