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Back when they were all available, I had intended to get the kittencorns in all the colours of the rainbow. Instead, I have a truncated rainbow… but still, lots of kittencorny goodness. Add in my valentine Squishmallow, and it’s a pretty spiffy crew watching over my stuff.

Speaking of stuff, the desk is a bit disastery again. That was always going to be the case with me recovered enough today to do a bit more crafting. I *HAD* bought some diamond-tipped drill bits for the stones ages ago, found them like, 2 weeks ago, and couldn’t find them again, so bought more. I’m liking having a hole to thread through before wrapping. I can do some more the more fanciful stuff that I have in mind, because it’s got something counterbalanced already. Some will probably end up with two holes and some degree of weaving, because why not. It’s certainly upped my mood. I’m enjoying discovering and doing and all that.

Right, got chores to do, child to chase to bed, etc.


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