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I was woken up at half four this morning by, quite probably, the worst wave of vertigo I’ve had in my entire life. Definitely the worst in the past 20 years or so, but I don’t quite remember any taking me out so badly that I spent 6-7 hours napping with my face pointed into the toilet. Lemme tell you, that makes for a sore chest and chin, ha ha. But eh, I’ve managed to keep going today, so hooray for that. Just trying to make sure I get more liquids in me than I probably did today, and hopefully tomorrow morning will be as it should be. Fingers crossed, eh?

The flea collars just came in, so everyone is dolled up in their reflective yellow. All three were very chill about me strapping them up, though Poison did yell the entire time. Yell all you want dear, at least she stayed still and calm while I sorted her out. I also told her she didn’t have to wear a bell like the boys, because she’s the Boss Bitch.

Right. Gonna go try to get a caffeine in my face, do a bit of knitting, etc. Etc including getting my head around what my soldering iron kit is gonna need once I get everything pieced together. Making the cage the other day reminded me that it could be a lot easier. And require fire. Fireeeeeeee.


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