Service Brick

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The side passage outer wall that lost all those bricks lost another one in the past week. So I claimed it to put my Dremel on while I was outside drilling some stones. What have I learned? Diamond tip or not, they wear out very quickly when trying to do crystal/gemstones. So I’ve ordered some more to come in Monday, and then we’ll see what else I can put holes in.

There’s not been a lot that hasn’t been rocks today. I’ve yet to get my knitting out ’cause Z had to stash it in a cupboard to stop Vivi from attacking it. He caught Vivi having freshly overturned the basket, petting the yarn earlier, so. Yeah. I’m pretty sure I’d put it on a shelf, but I guess we need to take eXtreme measures with the young fursir.

Right. Gonna go try to get more liquids in. I realised I was feeling a tad dizzy earlier, so I should make sure to do my bit against it.


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