All Good

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The kids are booked in for a post-op inspection tomorrow morning, but the vet office also called today to check in. Bless these napping beauties, I was able to twist ’em around to check their surgery sites without waking them. Everything is looking good and clean, so hopefully the vets agree tomorrow.

I’ve been busy today. Like, didn’t get a lot of work-work done, but been putting my nose to the grindstone on shop bits. I had another order come in last night, so had to get that processed. There’s a lot of bits that need work, like restocking hearts and keychains, and of course, restocking stuff in my store, etc. I’ve already set all the prices on the pride jewellery down from the 20% sale price to 25% off for actual Pride Month. I’ll need to make the round of social media about that tonight. For now, admiring my ADHD Skillz™®, currently in the form of misplacing something that was directly in front of me a second ago. xD


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