No Chill, All Chill

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I noticed this earlier and made everyone stop and look. Yes Raven, you are sitting on your brother’s head. Yes Vivi, you are completely unfazed (though he did give a tiny glare afterwards). They’re currently both napping back there again, because it’s the safest part of the house. We have Smaller’s bestie and parents over for a family-to-family playdate, and we’re cheerfully digesting double stuff tacos now.

I am currently melting my brain trying to find a WooCommerce-related plugin that I can tinker shipping with. One thing I like with Etsy is that you can have a set shipping cost, and that it goes up x amount per item ordered. I’m not finding a free plugin that does that sort of thing, and the bit of code I found is a bit too much for my not-knowing-php self. I’m tempted to ask my Warder to see if she could whip something up. I’m not paying an annual subscription fee for one bit of code, nosiree.

Anyhoo, back to social, fishing through plugins likely fruitlessly, rock shopping, and thinking about knitting. Party.


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  1. Nox

    Your Warder is getting a bit rusty with PHP code, but would be more than willing to give it look see if you needed it.


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